iMech Physics Kernel

Your requeriments

Modeling stage

Calibration stage

Optimization stage

Playable demo

Static library

Test stage

  • Modeling stage
  • Rigid bodies (volume, inertial distribution).
  • Joints and constraints.
  • Mechanical hierarchy.
  • Model-scene connections.
  • Collision strategy.
  • Interface defined with applications.
  • Calibration stage
  • Joints constants (elasticity, damping).
  • Active forces (interactive or automatic control).
  • Impulses (collision elasticity).
  • Behaviors, game cases.
  • Fusion with traditional animation (kinematics).
  • Optimization stage
  • Generic to particular algorithms.
  • Relax joints limits.
  • Collision detection level of detail.
  • Integration process (method and step size).
  • Inertia tensors or centers of gravity.
  • Energy balance (on/off).
  • Playable demonstration
  • ‘Playable’ demonstration’ of the physical system integrated into an interactive 3D application (available for OSX systems).
  • Binary demonstration
  • Static library with dynamic calculation implemented, compiled for target platform.
  • Testing stage
  • Testing systems in conditions matching those of the eventual application.
  • Readjusting calibration to obtain desired behaviour.