• Dynamic calculation engine for solid rigid systems under restrictions. Stable and efficient algorithms.
  • Different joins and articulations: rotational, prismatic, helical, spherical, curved and surface-based.
  • Articulations limited by force (progressive) or impact (instantaneous).
  • Energy balance. Measuring potential, kinetic, thermal, active and elastic energy.
  • Possibility of incorporating spring/shock absorber/engine into each degree of mobility.
  • Connection with the scene. Inverting hierarchies in run time.
  • Adaptive collision detection. Balance between precision and speed.
  • Response to collisions by impulse calculation.
  • Simulating deformable bodies (ropes, fabrics, etc.) and integration into solids systems.
  • Connection with game engines or renderers:
  • The physical calculation is encapsulated in a small dependency-free static library.
  • Personalised and minimalist C interface.
  • Global matrices affine with the position of each element in the system.